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Our kennels are spacious and have a heated sleeping area. They also have their own covered outside space which they have access to 24/7 apart from the coldest months when the hatches are closed at night to keep them warm. All the dogs have access to water and toys at all times and they are fed twice daily. We are happy to administer any medication that your pet may require. We have large outside exercise areas where your dogs are off the lead and free to run around. We play ball with them and also leave them to have time on their own for a good sniff around and play. We find this helps keep the dogs relaxed as it is similar to being in the garden at home The kennels are cleaned throughout the day. Bedding is changed regularly. we provide bedding, but we are happy for you to bring a small blanket toys or a teddy so they have familiar smells from home. We do not  mix dogs from different housholds

Nice and warm under the heat lamp


All animals staying with us are required to have up to date yearly vaccinations. Proof by the way of a vaccination card must be shown at every visit. We do not require the kennel cough vaccinationto be done as this is personal preference. Kennel cough is not caught specifically in kennels. Dogs can pick up the germ anywhere that other dogs have been. If you do have the kennel cough vaccine, we require it to be given two weeks before your stay at the kennels as it is a live vaccine.

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