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Our cat cabins have both indoor and outside space. Inside has Three split levels. Litter trays at the bottom, a middle shelf for the food and water and the top shelf is there sleeping area. we provide bedding to make the cats cosy as possible. They have a window at the sleeping level so that the indoor space is nice and light. Each cabin is heated which is included in the price. The cat cabins also have a cat flap which leads to their own individual outside space. This is also split level, having a ladder to a middle shelf and a further ladder to high up sun deck overlooking the countryside. We find that the upper sun deck is the cats favourite place to be . The cats have access to water and cat crunchies at all times and are fed meat pouches twice daily


All animals staying with us are required to have up to date yearly vaccinations. Proof by the way of a vaccination card must be shown at every visit.

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